Sam the Sneaky
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The one word to describe Sam these days would most likely be "sneaky."
Why? Because, as Sam claims, "My sister is out to get me." So he has to
always have an excuse ready in case he gets backed into a foot race.
She is a natural born leader and takes a back seat to nobody, especially her
brother, and that personality has been used many times to compel her friends
to join her in her many schemes against Sam.
The best quality a friend could have just might be loyalty, and that describes
Freddie perfectly. Since kindergarten, he and Sam have been best friends
and he has helped Sam get out of many sticky situations.
Ashley is the "girl next door," literally. Sweet and kind, she was unwittingly
thrust into the middle of a sibling rivalry by Sarah.
Born 4 minutes and 21 seconds before Sarah
His life's goal is to become a fighter pilot
Has ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)
Highest bowling score: 114
Is an only child
Future career choice: video game designer
Is CPR certified
Wants to represent the USA at the Olympics one day
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