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Bruce Thowpaou Bliatout
Health Services Management, Tulane U., 1982
also DrPH (Public Health), Tulane U. ,1977

Sam Thowsao Bliatout
Business Administration, U. of Hawaii, 1987


Dia Cha
Anthropology, U. of Colorado, Boulder, 2000


Ko Bruce Fang
Ca. School of Professional Psychology, 1998
1399-A Florin Rd        
Sacramento, CA 95822


Mymee Her
Ca. School of Professional Psychology, 1997

Maysee Yang Herr
Curriculum Studies-Early
Childhood Education, Indiana University
Assis. Prof., U. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Yeng Her
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Mayo Clinic, 2017
Tou Her

Vincent K. Her
Cultural Anthropology
U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2005
Assist. Prof., Archaeology and Anthropology,
U. of Wisconsin-La Cross


Diana Herva (formerly Vang)
Psychology, Alliant University, 2007
1041 N Demaree St
Visalia, CA 93291


Manee Moua-Hu
Education, Washington State U., 2017


Gary Yia Lee
Social Anthropology/Community Development
U. of Sydney, Australia, 1981

Mai Na Lee
South East Asian History
U. of Wisconsin-Madison, 2005
Assist. Prof., History and Asian American Studies
U. of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts
Pao H. Lee
Computer Science, Kennedy-Western U,

Serge Lee
Social Work, U. of Wisconsin, 1993
Professor, Social Work
California State U. - Sacramento

Chieng Lo

Fungchatou T Lo
Urban Studies, U. of Wis-Milwaukee, 2000

Yang Lor NEW
Sociology, U of CA.-Berkeley, 2018


Touxoua Lyfoung
U. of Bordeaux, France


Ger Moua
Counseling Psychology
Washington State U., 2006
Professor of Psychology
Spokane Community College

NaLee Moua NEW
Language, Literacy, and Technology
Education; WA State U., 2018

Mai Moua
Leadership Studies, Gonzaga U
Leadership Paradigms, Inc
1595 Selby Ave, Ste 112
St Paul, MN 5510
Kong Pheng Pha
American Studies
U. of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2017


KaoNou Thao NEW
Social Work, U. of MN-Twin Cities, 2018

Mai See Thao NEW
Anthropology, U. of Minnesota, 2018

Mylo Thao
U. of California-Davis
Professor of Microbiology
California State U.- Stanislas

Paoze Thao
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies,
Loyola U. of Chicago, 1994
Prof., Linguistics and Education
California State U.- Monterey Bay

Yer Jeff Thao
Education, Claremont Graduate U.
Assoc. Prof., Curriculum &
Portland State University
Chia Youyee Vang
American Studies, U. of Minnesota, 2006
Assoc. Prof., Modern Hmong/Southeast
Asian History/Immigration,
U. of  Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Ma Vang
U. of California-San Diego, 2012
Assist. Professor of History,
U. of California-Merced

Nao Chue Vang

Pa Der Vang
Social Work, U. of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2007
Assistant Prof., Social Work
St. Catherine University

Paj Zaub Vaj NEW
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
U. of Minnesota, 2018

Zoua Vang
Sociology, Harvard U., 2008
Assistant Professor, McGill University
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Tou Yia Vue
U. of Minnesota, 2010

Pao Vue NEW
Geography, U. of WI.-Madison, 2018

Pao Lee Vue
Sociology, U. of Minn.-Twin Cities
Director, Asian American Affairs
Minnesota State U., Mankato

Teng Xiong (also DC)
2519 Central Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205

Zha Blong Xiong
Family Social Science
U. of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2000
Assoc. Prof., Social Sciences
U. of Minnesota College of Education and
Human Development

Yang Sao Xiong
Sociology, U. of Ca.-Los Angeles


Dao Yang
Social Economics, Sorbonne U, France,
First Hmong PhD

Julie Yang
Alliant University,2006

Kao-Ly Yang
Linguistics & Anthropology
Université de Provence, Aix-en-Provence,
Lingusitics Dept., CSU-Fresno

Kao Neng Yang
Alliant University

Mai See Yang
U. of Massachusetts-Boston, 2017

Shoua Yang
North Illinois University, 2006
Assist. Prof., Political Science
St. Cloud State University
Running Count: 92 Hmong Doctorates
This list has been compiled by CHF for the benefit and inspiration of the Hmong youth.  Names in green are from Victor Xay Yang, former  Planning,
Education & President of Yang Wang Meng Association United States of America, Inc.  We would like to thank Charles Vue, MSW, at the U. of
Wisconsin-Eu Clair for sending us the list from Victor Yang.

Names in
blue are from A Quest for Education (
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Other PhD's
Connie Cha


Wang Chao Fang
United States International U., 1997


Nao Soua Her

Ntsum Zaaj Her


Cha Va Lee

Maydeu Lee (Ly)
Capella U, 2006

Pahoua Lee (Ly)

Song Evelyn Lee

Vincent Lee

Wapha Xaiyasang Lee


Cha Lo

Chuexeng Lo
Fongchatou Lo
U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2000

Kou Lo

Lee Lo

Soua Kiatoukaysi Lo

Wang Seng Lo

Xing Kiatoukaysi Lo

Pao Lor


Kao Cherpao Moua

Leng Mouanoutoua Moua

Tou Ger Wangyee Moua


Chia Vang

Erick Vang

Koua Vang

Pob Ze Vang
U. of Denver, 1996
Cheng Xiong

Dang Daniel Xiong
Alliant International U, 2005

Kao Xiong

Mai Lee Ong Xiong

May Pang Xiong

Nao Xiong

Nonish Xiong

Song Yeng Xiong

Stephen T. Xiong

Thai Xiong
(also EdD)

Tong Xiong

Yong Tria Xiong

Zong Xiong

Chong T. Yang

Chue Yang

John Yang

John C. Yang

Lee Yang

May See Yang

Nao Ko Yang

Thao Yang
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